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‘Ike Hawaiʻi Lecture Series: Lindsey Jayne Shannon Kapu on Lomilomi (May 27, 2022)$20

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Containing two books of the Hawaiian Spirituality Mini-Series by Kumu Paʻa Lawrence Aki - It entitles you to the following 2x eBooks in PDF format: 
Book 1: The Hawaiian Understanding of Wellbeing (52 pages) 
Book 2: 100% Happy - Traditional Hawaiian Teachings for Happiness (38 pages)

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ʻIke Hawaiʻi Lecture Series: Pono I Ka Hale O Na Lomilomi
With Lindsey Jayne Shannon Kapu

Subject: Pono I Ka Hale O Na Lomilomi

One (1x) Live Online Class on holistic Hawaiian healing modalities by Lindsey Kapu

Date: May 27, 2022 at 9AM HST / 12PM PT/ 3PM ET / 9PM Amsterdam Time/ 5AM Sydney Time + 1 day

  • Total payment
  • 1x‘Ike Hawaiʻi Lecture Series: Lindsey Jayne Shannon Kapu on Lomilomi (May 27, 2022)$20

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    ✓ 1 x 2 hours live online talk via Zoom 

    ✓ 1 x Replay

What will you get out of the lecture: 


  • The importance of a spiritual connection
  • A deeper understanding of the difference between the "western" mind and "Hawaiian" mind
  • Learn about the path as an Alaka'i, including the teaching, and travels
  • A deeper understanding of the kuleana (responsibility) and the legacy left by Kumu, Alva James Andrews of lomilomi, lāʻau iwi, and Pā Ola Hawaii 

For Who: 

The class is for kānaka ʻōiwi and anyone who is interested in holistic Hawaiian healing modalities, Hawaiʻi, and the Hawaiian Culture.


Lindsey Jayne Shannon Kapu was born in Anchorage, Alaska as well as grew up in Kailua on the island of Oahu. 

She graduated high school from Mid-Pacific Institute in Manoa, attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, and studied abroad in Spain and Mexico. 

In 2007 she met her Kumu, Alva James Andrews and from then on was immersed in the study of holistic Hawaiian healing modalities. 

Since Uncle Alva's passing in 2015, she has been one of many who carry on his legacy of lomilomi, lāʻau iwi, and Pā Ola Hawaii. 

She currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii with her two daughters.

This presentation is part of the ʻIke Hawaiʻi Lecture Series and is brought to you by Mana O Molokai.

Golden rule: Mākaukau! - Be ready for whatever and whenever 


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